First of all stop doing whatever you are busy with right now and go buy a ticket for this show. Second, prepare yourself for an amazing emotional journey and to enjoy the brilliant and involving performance of the super talented cast masterfully directed by Maestro Aleksey Burago.

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov it is a timeless classic and always extremely and surprisingly contemporary. It’s a choral epic tale about human passions and desires, love and betrayal, ambition and failure, Life and Death.

The tone of the play is famous for being melancholic and nostalgic, but also ironic and sarcastic: if on one hand it displays how life often betrays our expectations despite our hopes and efforts, on the other end is a sarcastic satirical critic of the poshy and edgy upper class society.

Chekhov reminds us that we all wear masks in our relationships with the others, even the most beloved ones, and too often with ourselves as well, because we are afraid to see who we are or to admit our limits and failures.

But in this case in this interpretation of the Russian classic added value is the performance by the entire cast and the direction of Maestro Burago: we can’t help ourselves but to fall in love with Konstantin and Nina, the two young lovers in this story beautifully and intensely portrayed by Paolo Quiros and Luisa Menzen, to be taken away by the caustic sense of humor and the desperate seek for happiness of Irina, Konstantin’s mother, presented by extraordinary actress Tatyana Zbirovskaya.

The performance is spiced up by the comradely acting of Roman Freud, who shows to be confident and at ease in acting, playing, singing and dancing in his version of Dorn, and enriched by the emotional portrait of Masha by talented Di Zhu.

But the invisible and yet distinctively recognizable touch of Maestro Burago is what undisputedly makes this version of the Seagull an experience you surely do not want to miss out!

It’s really extraordinary to see the passion and intensity the director is able to pull out the actors he carefully selected in assembling the resident crew at the Russian Arts Theater & Studio, and to enjoy the stage solutions he set up in service of the narration of a very famous and known plot, making it fresh and original.

The spectator is taken by Maestro Burago over four acts during which we feel standing side by side the protagonists of the story and intimately relate to each one of them, till the tragic end.

Among the privileges of living in New York there is that amazing talents from all over the world find in the City the nest and the forge through which they can express their talent: The Seagull at The Russian Arts Theater adamantly proves the point.

The full cast is completed by: Michael Donaldson, Kristina Korop, Alex Malyi, David A. Russell, Tom Schubert, Lana Stimmler, Desen Uygur, Oleksiy Varfolomiyev.

The Seagull will be featured until April the 19th at Pushkin Hall – 165 West 86th Street New York, New York.

You can purchase your tickets at

Article and pictures by Joseph Ralph Fraia



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