By Bailey Roulo

Summer is coming to a close, and September is slowly transitioning into fall. This month is the perfect time to mix summer and fall styles to make a cozy yet breezy outfit. A long top and short skirt paired with comfy socks and a pair of sneakers or boots, or a short sleeve shirt with a pair of jeans or a long skirt are the perfect choices for the slight change in the temperature that comes during September.

The days are warm, and the sun is still shining, but a simple sweater or jacket is necessary when nighttime comes around. The bright colors of summer start to disappear and are replaced with lighter versions of summer shades. The bright pink has turned into a rosé pink, and the orange and yellow that was so prominent in the past few months are starting to transition into more earth tones. Blues begin to come into play as a good transition from the bright and bustling nature that summer brings to the calmer and cooler weather of fall without fully committing to the change in seasons.

Long dresses with a simple heel or jeans with about any top that can accommodate a sweatshirt or light jacket are also perfect for this time of the year. The chaotic nature of this year has caused quite a bit of change in everyone’s lives. The passage from this unexpected and unusual summer is desperately needed by many people. Sitting around a campfire or curled up under the covers with friends and family is the comfort that many people are looking forward to.

Although it may look different this year than it has in the past, the idea of unity and relationships are enough to make anyone excited for September and the change it brings.

Find your best pair of pants, your favorite shirt, and a simple jacket and embrace the change that will come in the current month.




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