Monday February 25th from 6:30 pm Est on, at RAW NEW YORK CITY PRESENTS REFLECT in the prestigious Paramount newly renovated THE SONY HALL at 235 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036 you can witness the talent and creativity of Cinzia Bonfirraro, the Italian painter that is about to shake from top to bottom the contemporary art scene in New York City.
Cinzia’s gift has been in her since she was a teenager and was the main reason that led her to attend the renowned and prestigious School of Design in Milan, Italy, the World Capital of design, in order to learn the knowledge and techniques instrumental to the expression of her style and her inner wworld.
After brilliantly graduating at the Design School Cinzia begins her journey into the ‘real’ life, and starts bartending in order to make the money necessary to pursue her dream: travel the world and be in as many places as possible.
The stage behind the bar gave Cinzia the opportunity to perform every night and express her sassy clever attitude in front of the cosmopolitan crowds of Milan and New York City; over the same years Cinzia’s starts travelling and discovers what the World has to offer to her, a universe of places and people that kept expanding thanks to her jovial and open attitude.
During those years Cinzia never stopped painting, but decided to keep for herself her works and her inner world represented in them: the need to put her experiences and feelings on canvas was more the result of emotional urgency than a desire to show people her talent.
Then New York fell onto Cinzia’s path of life, and as still everyday happens to thousands of dreamers from all over the world, she couldn’t get New York out of her mind and decided to make it her new home.
It is in the Big Apple that Cinzia raises to the next level the style she started developing when she was in Milan, a heavy influence from graffiti and street art, consistent with her passion about skating and tattoos and streetwear.
This young woman has a dense and intense experience of the world, about the good and the evil, the bright fields and the dark corners that we all encounter in our lives, the challenge that a Metropolis like New York represents for a girl that can only count on herself, far from home, family and friends.
Cinzia’s works are violent strokes that picture her emotions, from joy to melancholy, from love to desperation, visible on her figurative paintings as well as her abstract ones.
Her works have an abundance of bold details, and usually colorful, but almost always with an invisible but palpable hint of darkness, that constantly reminds us the volatility of our sanity. An intense look on Cinzia’s imagination or on what she sees everyday around her: a walk on a rope without safety net above an abyss.
Explore this universe with us.

Monday at RAW NEW YORK CITY PRESENTS REFLECT – February 25th 6:30 pm Est – THE SONY HALL, 235 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036.

For info and inquiries about the artist call Joseph Fraia 917-930-1494 – email
Author: Joseph Ralph Fraia @jrfstudio – © All rights reserved
Photos provided by Cinzia Bonfirraro @cinzia_bonfirraro_art

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