By Bailey Roulo

It is no surprise that Halloween is going to be very different this year with all of the precautions that are being taken because of COVID-19, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fun. It will be easier for the trick or treaters to keep their distance while collecting all kinds of candy, but Halloween parties will be reduced to Zoom calls or smaller groups. The good thing about all of this, though, is that masks can be a great addition to a costume. A popular costume every year, the skeleton mask will help elevate the costume while keeping those around you safe and COVID free! Many people rely on makeup every year to create the final touch on a costume, but this year masks can be used for that last piece of a costume. Animal print costumes are an easy but cute outfit that many people wear every year, and a mask that matches would complete the look. Imitating celebrities always seem to be a go-to for many people so consider buying a mask with the celebrities face on it for an exciting costume! If you are looking for a simple approach to a mask as not to distract from the costume, a simple plain mask is a great choice or one that sparkles to help make you shine. If you are staying in and passing out candy, masks with ghosts or bats are perfect to have to help create the Halloween spirit without having to dress up. If you are someone who likes to give others a frightful scare, look no further than a mask of your favorite horror movie villains like Jason with his iconic hockey mask or Michael Myers with his mask. Those masks can easily be placed over a simple medical mask making sure that the only scary thing this Halloween is the jump scares. Although sacrifices are being made to make sure everyone is safe this Halloween, it is easy to cover up while still enjoying the endless piles of candy and scary movies.

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