The 2018 edition of New York Comic Con has marked an historical turning point for the beloved gathering, and fortunately towards a bright and positive future: after few years of transition during which, objectively, the show suffered a lack of initiatives and energy, that was balanced out only by the enthusiasm of the fan who always show up no matter what, this year we really could see the results of the efforts and the commitment by the organizers.
An incredible number of prestigious panels and top speakers, movie stars from recent hits and soon-to-be-released sequels and new movies, comics and video games authors and designers packed the rich schedule of events throughout the four-day display.
In particular, we loved the panel with the legendary designer Alex Ross, who presented his project Marvelocity, focused on the reboot of the images of the most famous and beloved Marvel and DC characters, presented with features from the original old-fashioned early years but represented with the allure and mightiness of ancient Greek gods and the dynamism of state-of-the-art contemporary graphic novels.
Particularly funny and interesting was the panel with Zachary Levi, who impersonates the very beloved character Shazam in the upcoming movie that many DC fans are looking at hoping it will be able to re-energize the DC Cinematic Universe after the ups and downs determined by the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League.
Probably one of the most exciting moment was the appearing of Mark Ruffalo, The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who gave many interesting insights on both his work as an actor who has to work in a highly digitalized environment, and the bargain of responsibility he feels in delivering appropriately his character towards a crowd of fans who is always very passionate, but also sensitive and demanding.
Our last mention, though, goes of course to the more of 200,000 passionate individuals, fans, nerds and cosplayers who invaded the Javits Center and gave life – with enthusiasm and passion – to this awesome show.
A great year of new releases and surprises is ahead of us: and we are already looking forward to next year show!

Article by Joseph Ralph Fraia @liveinmagazine @jrfstudio

Photos by Liz Guarracino @littlegunsliz

Zachary Levi – Shazam


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