Matthew Schultz hails from New Jersey, and is a savvy businessman as well as successful independent EDM artist.

He is the President of a prestigious bank in NJ and even won the 2013 EOTM (Entrepreneur on the Move) Awards for Best New Male Artist.
Matthew’s latest single “Promise for Keeps” was released earlier this year and has recently hit #18 on the Music Week Charts in the UK! The song also has over 385K streams on Spotify.

He also has a big following on social media, with over 24K followers on Facebook.
In addition, Matthew released a new remix of “Promise for Keeps”, a dream collaboration with Soul Train Award-winning and Billboard-charting Reggae Artist, Gyptian.

Check out the video here:

Matthew Schultz has been in entertainment since his teen years. After playing guitar in Chris Daughtry‘s first band, Matthew developed a passion not only for music, but for performing and has had several parts in films (including a role in the The Dark Knight Rises, and appearing on Real Housewives of NJ). He has also been partnering with Ali Abouomar to produce and finance a multitude of films in the next five years, ranging from independent to Hollywood films. Now, Matthew has gotten his hands back into his music and has been writing and producing again. He has millions of views on his YouTube video “Money or Me” with Hip-Hop legend Jim Jones and has been covered by The Source Magazine, MTV, CNN, Skope, Hype Magazine, Social Magazine, CBS News, MSNBC, Starpulse and much much more!

We had the pleasure to meet Matthew for a brief conversation about, well, everything, and we are happy to present to our readers such a fascinating story of a successful contemporary self-made man who is able to enjoy life and stick to noble principles.

Q: Hi Matthew, thank you for being with Livein Magazine at EMPKT PR in New York. First of all, congrats on the success of your latest releases “Promise for Keeps”. Tell us about how you came up with this project and with whom you realized it.
A: Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview with you today, I am a big fan of Livein Magazine. My song “Promise for Keeps” is based on my real life relationship with my girlfriend and soul mate. The song reflects the idea of my long-term commitment to the love of my life. I am in a very happy state of my life right now, so the song definitely reflects and captures my emotional state. I wanted it to be a highly romantic feel good track.

Q: You are known for being a versatile artist. Are you currently working on any new project?
A: Yes, I have just finished a remix of “Promise for Keeps” with one of my favorite Caribbean artists Gyptian and production duo Electric Bodega; Mike Cash and DJ Klutch. They have done remixes for Drake, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Konshens, Chainsmokers and Avicii and their original material has hit over a million streams on Spotify, with their last two remixes reaching over 7 million streams. This remix will be coming just in time for the summer, release date May 25th as it takes this reggae/dancehall vibe into a whole new territory. I am also finishing up my new single, “Somewhere FAR”, that I am also very excited about. I am expecting to release it in late June.

Q: As a successful businessman and artist you have the chance to travel a lot a meet many people, and for sure you are extremely busy. But we would like to know what you like to do in your spare time, or what is the activity you like to indulge yourself in when you can relax.
A: I have offices spread throughout 46 states for my banking career, so I am always on the road. In my spare time I love to cook, drink wine and listen to timeless classics by some of my favorite artists like Tony Bennett, John Coltrane, and Frank Sinatra. I love to relax and enjoy a little down time when I am not hustling with my music and banking career.

Q: Livein Magazine has its headquarter in Italy, and you have Italian heritage. What do you like the most about this beautiful Country?
A: I love everything about Italy and the Italian culture. When I think of Italy, I think of fine art, music, style and of course iconic food & wine. There is nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a delicious Italian meal with a great bottle of Super Tuscan while listening to beautiful music. I am in love with the old fashion Italian lifestyle, in Italy they really know how to work hard but also find the time to relax and enjoy life. They most importantly value spending quality time with family and friends. I am constantly reminded of this when I go to record at my Italian producer Armando Guarnera’s house. I love spending time with him and his beautiful family. He was born in Palermo, Italy and he has inspired so much and has instilled the “old school” traditional Italian culture and values in me.
Q: Livein Magazine promotes an enjoyable and sophisticated lifestyle, aimed to find the genuine pleasures in life. What is your luxurious treat in your life and why is that? (Wine, cigars, boats, golfing……)
A: I have too many lifestyle pleasures! My favorite is wine, I love drinking and even making wine. I am the member of so many different wine clubs and I also try and help support small wine makers. I also have a passion for cars, my favorite is the Italian made Maserati GranTurismo and the Ferrari of course. Lastly, I have fallen in love with my new hobby of collecting art. My most recent pieces are from some of my favorite artists; The Producer BDB, Matt Gondek, Selwyn Senatori, and Flore.

Q: You have achieved already so much in your life. Can you tell us what has driven you through your success? What is going to be the next step of your evolution, as an entrepreneur and an artist?
A: My entrepreneur spirit started at the young age of 8 when I started my own business of selling used golf balls that I used to fish out of local golf course ponds. By the age of 14 I had two jobs and juggled two of my own businesses while going to school and playing football. I started my first band in high school with Chris Daughtry and always made the time for music, work, school and sports. When I went to college my Father passed away and I immediately went into banking after I graduated to help try and help take care of my mother and sister. I always wanted to pursue my dream of being a “rock star,” but I knew that I could not make that happen overnight. I always tell people to “dream responsibly” having big dreams are great as long as you have a realistic plan to achieve them. I used to see so many talented artists that were broke, they did not have a plan in place to make money while they were pursuing their dreams. I wanted to make sure that I made money first, so that I could live comfortably while chasing my dreams. I never wanted to rely on anyone else for my success. Now I have the luxury of financing my own music projects and do not need to rely on major labels. I guess you could say that, “I have always been a Hustler!”

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Interview by Joseph Ralph Fraia

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Many thanks to EMPKT PR and Beatrice for making this interview possible.

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