Livein had the pleasure to meet and talk with the Dance-Pop Sensation Matt LeGrand from Chicago. This Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th, the artist will be appearing on TV to perform his cover of “White Christmas”. The live performance will be broadcast on WGN 9 out of Chicago between 7-9 am CST. Matt will also release his first EP in the coming year.

Born in Chicago, he moved with his family to France as an infant and then moved back to the Windy City at age 7 with his family. The connection with these two worlds – Europe and America – has been and remains a very distinctive peculiarity of this young and talented artist that allowed him to explore diverse music genres from both sides of the Atlantic in order to create his unique style and touch. You can already sense and appreciate this variety in his single hits “It’s All Good” and “12:00 AM”, available on all major platforms.

Matt tells us that it was his mother who introduced him to music, taking him – still a child – to a Rolling Stones’ concert and gifting him with a guitar two weeks later: that was the sparkle that lit up Matt’s passion and triggered his enthusiasm for making his own music, indulging in contamination from many different genres from pop to dance, from R&B to urban rock.

In addition to his technical skills as a musician over the time, Matt has also carefully and wisely shaped his career as a public figure, developing an original style and look metropolitan/bohemian and performing thrilling choreography on stage, expressing a talent that winks at ‘The’ performer, Justin Timberlake.

Of course, Matt is too humble to even start a conversation about that comparison, but that is undisputedly the impression you get when you see him on stage: his genuine and authentic love for music and the desire to share his passion with the people who attend his concerts is palpable.

The electrifying and contagious joy that you perceive at Matt’s performances is real, and love is what he wants to inspire as he stresses out with his own words: not just love but any kind of love towards anybody, because it is the best and most powerful feeling, capable of bringing people from every corner of the world together.

But music is not only talent and passion, is also hard work, especially for an artist like Matt who, compared to many other artist – especially in the dance genre – is also a guitar player and a composer: he can read and compose his music independently but that comes with the bargain of constantly dealing with personal feelings and emotions, and the responsibility of being true to himself and his fans. Matt is a young artist, but already a profound and mature man not just fearless about revealing himself, but enthusiastic about making people feel good through his music.

Here is where you can listen to and watch his music and follow him:

FB: MattLeGrandMusicc

TW: MattLeGrand

IG: MattLeGrandOfficial

Stay tuned for our coverage of Matt LeGrand’s first EP release.

Happy Holidays.


Article by Joseph Ralph Fraia

Photos Provided by EMPKT PR

Special thanks to Beatrice Kimmel and EMPKT PR for arranging the interview.






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