By Olivia Humer

The Bridal industry is saturated with so many designers, sometimes it’s hard to find a style that sticks out from the rest. Loulette Bridal based in Brooklyn, New York is one of those brands where you can feel the intent of the designers. Loulette Bridal creates bridal gowns with passion and purpose. They are size-inclusive, making each gown to order for your specific measurements. Additionally, they offer personalization to any style they offer and promote their passion for one-of-a-kind dresses. The purpose of this brand is taken a step further than most, and they are conscious of their environmental impact. For every dress sold they plant a tree with One Tree Planted, donate to charities, and use recycled and natural materials among other responsible acts. Loulette Bridal also creates all dresses in-house in Brooklyn, New York contributing to their local community and decreasing carbon impact. Among all of the admirable values of the brand, the style of their gowns is beautifully unique. Using different colors in their designs, statements on veils, and playing with different silhouettes there are a few ways this brand stands out. Overall a free-spirited, feminine, and unique look is seen from Loulette Bridal.

I know I do love this brand and you’ll have to check them out too!

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