If you are looking for a modern twist on the ‘pants and high heels’ look, look no further than KlassiKlozit. KlassiKlozit was created by Kanika Chopra Kumar to help provide people with the style they want. With a perfect mix of elegance and comfort, they provide outfits for any occasion. With trends like wide-leg pants and menswear becoming ever more popular, this style is perfect for the businesswoman or just going out to get brunch. Their style does not stop at high-waisted pants, though. They also carry a variety of different dresses and skirts that, when paired with heels, are perfect any and all occasions. With fall weather finally setting in, these outfits are a perfect fit for the slight chill in the air. Paired with a tall heal and some of their jewelry, the perfect accent piece, you can create a comfortable yet classy outfit for the day. Their earrings and necklaces provide a great addition to any outfit elevating the style with minimal work. These outfits are modern art pieces that you can wear. They are a perfect way to express yourself while keeping it professional. With COVID-19 still causing people to have to stay in their houses for work and meetings through a camera becoming the new normal, these outfits and this specific style are perfect for someone who wants to be comfortable while they stay inside, but also elegant enough to feel motivated to do their work at home. Gone are the days of pajamas all day. KlassiKlozit provides the comfort of sweats and a t-shirt but elevates the style and is perfect for the working woman who has a busy day. Make sure to visit their Instagram @klassi_klozit or their website to see their outstanding collection of clothing.  

Article by Bailey Roulo

Photos and editing by Joseph Fraia @jrfstudio – www.jrfstudio.com


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