April special topic of our Magazine is Communication, and surely New York City is one of the major, if not still the main, source of trends and standards in the media and communication industry: besides the City itself, where every wall, trash bin, street-sign, tank or rolling shutter can be the vehicle of individual and group communication, the people of New York are famous for being a continuous incredible machine that produces innovative, extravagant, controversial, shocking, meaningful and avant-garde messages and media tools.

Last, but not least, New York is also home of the top PR agencies and media companies of the world, which have to manage and match the demand from the marketing and advertising market and the almost endless possibilities that the iconic Big Apple has to offer.

In this ultra-competitive and fast business environment recently the sparkle of what promises to become the new sensation in the social media era has seen the light.

On the night of February, the 6th, at the prestigious and exclusive Gordon Bar inside the Sixty SoHo Hotel, Livein Magazine’s staff have joined worldwide renowned press agency Newswire for the launch party of its new social media/marketing/advertising platform: influence.com.

Influence.com is a new revolutionary concept and model in the marketing and advertising industry, a platform whose purpose is to connect companies that have product/services that need to be promoted and social media personalities (bloggers, influencers, testimonials, brand ambassadors etc.) who can give exposure and advertise those products/services.

Host of the night the superb Magnolia Sevenler, the person in charge of the development of influence.com and responsible for the official launch party of the platform. The venue, packed to capacity, welcomed the numerous influencers and bloggers already enlisted in the platform, as well as aspiring future personalities, along with curious and intrigued guests.

The event went by smoothly till late night, with acrobatic bartenders serving an excited crowd, with performances from the celebrities who stopped by at the venue and photographers hunting smiles and hugs.

For a Sneak Peak of the event, watch our video of the event. 


For more info about influence.com and to stay updated on the upcoming events, check the website at www.influence.com or Instagram @influencebynewswire

Article and photos by Joseph Ralph Fraia – © All rights reserved

Magnolia Sevenler


Pamela Quinzi and Viola Vivi

Video by Yurek Akbar – Provided by Influence.com

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