Interview with Kim Cameron and DJ Halo at EMPKT PR, New York.

Joseph: Hi Kim, thank you so much for taking this time with us. We are proud to present your latest work, a Greatest Hits album that covers your stunning career up to now. I am sure our readers are – first of all – curious about what inspired you to start your artistic career.

Kim: I have always been in music, I would say since second grade, when I started playing clarinet, but it was in 2008 when I started my first project and released my first album, that I happened to have a close family member severely ill, and one night I wrote a song, which was something I never had have done before at that time, and after I wrote it, I sent it to a friend of mine in the music business, and he told me that he believed it was good and I had to do something with it. So I went to a studio to record it, and over there they told me that what I actually needed was a producer, and I was completely new to the music business.

So somebody introduced me to a producer from the D.C. area, close to the Rock world, and at that time I had a great set of guitarists in my band, so after the recording was over I thought “This is so-much-fun!”; that day my feelings for music, even if I always loved music, were completely different, there was something about the creative process that struck me, gave me goosebumps.

J.: Wow, awesome… And after you finished recording this first album you went on tour or started working on the next project?

K.: We went on tour. The album got a label, which gave me the opportunity to participate in few festivals, on the other side the relationship with the label people wasn’t always idyllic, but it gave me the opportunity to understand what I label can and cannot do, and made me decide not to continue with a label, even if later on – during my second and third album – I received other offers from other labels, I just didn’t feel comfortable.

So, yeah, we went on tour, and then – on my second album, in 2010 – I went on a bigger tour, all over the Country.

J.: Uh, I guess that was a hell of a ride!

K.: Yes, it was!

J.: Your career brought you very soon to travel across America. When was the first time you performed abroad?

K.: My first experience abroad was in the Caribbean, in 2012-2013, and then the U.K. late in the latter year. The following memorable experience was a few months ago in Dubrovnik, Croatia – such an amazing place! We performed on an island off the city, surrounded by monasteries, and we played in a facility where the ceilings were gone, so the acoustics were just incredible.

J.: Interesting. Tell us about your feelings as an American artist performing abroad.

K.: I performed a lot in Europe, I went to Germany, Holland, France, Spain. I like the crowd in Europe, I think that there they are very open to latest music, to Americans performing, they do not give too much attention to cover bands, which is instead big in the U.S. I personally found that crowd more energizing; it’s a little bit tricky because of the jet-leg and other stuff, you never get enough time beforehand performing and I had to get my voice ready in less than three days, but besides these inconveniences, Europe is my favorite place to perform. The vibe I always get when I am there is just fantastic. I found the U.K. to be more interested because they somehow get flooded by American music because is easier to go around with it.

J.: I personally spent many years in Europe, and I totally understand what you mean. But you weren’t by yourself over your last European experience. So, now is time to introduce our second guest, DJ Halo. Tell us something about your experience with Kim.

DJ: I started working with her three years ago, and I was with her during the tour in Croatia, and I have to say that over there is amazing. Here in the U.S. people do not have something to say to you, but back there after the concert we were swamped by people coming backstage, who just wanted to vocalize their experience and wanted to talk to us, and I loved walking around Amsterdam and listening to the music in the street, because – as Kim said – the listeners are more open, especially to house music, and when it came to pop music, their pop music on the radio was Whitney Houston or Tom Jones, it wasn’t Katy Perry or Britney Spears, it was classic really good pop music.

J.: Very interesting. So, how did your professional relationship started?

DJ: Well, our first collaboration was a “happy accident”. I was working with another DJ at that time who was producing her, and he told me that they needed a remix. I ended up making two remixes and having a conversation with her, and that was when I realized we kinda speak the same language when it comes to making a track, she can tell me what she hears and I know how to translate that.

J.: It is surely a blessing to find an artistic soulmate, and I am glad that you two guys met. But tell me something more about your origins.

DJ.: I have been playing piano since I was six, and I knew I wanted to be in music, I remember in junior high I was playing in the school band, and we had a concert at the end of the school year, and the audience gave us a standing ovation. And that was an awesome feeling and I wanted that in my life. So, a few months later I started playing in an electronic band, soon after I got my first deal with a record label.

J.: It’s really amazing to hear how stories this different from each other somehow came together in your artistic careers. Now. About the Greatest Hits you have just released Kim, we should consider it as the closing chapter of the first part of your career, a chance you took to look back in order to start something different, or it is a celebration of your success and emotions and you feel you are ready to bring this path even farther?

K.: About a year and a half ago I started to work on this project, because I felt that was the right moment to release a Greatest Hits, it was a gut feeling, and at that time I didn’t know how the album would have come out, I didn’t think that it would have included new songs, or that I would have re-recorded old tracks. When I listened to some old records I thought that they were still good, but outdated, and so I felt I had to work on them and present them again in a different way. And now it is hard to explain how special this project has become, considering also the number of international artists involved. This work synthesizes my career very well. All the travels I made, and the amazing musicians I have met along the way, I am proud to see this group of amazing artists under my name, and my music created with influences from all over the world.

J.: Going back to you, DJ, I am sure our readers are curious to know how to select your collaborations with other artists. Tell us something about it.

DJ: In most cases, they come to me and ask. Over the last years I have put out almost 30 albums with 5 different artists, and three of them came to me saying that they wanted to work with me, and the other two were my best friends so……was a mutual agreement. So, I usually do not go out seeking collaborations.

J.: What about the imminent future?

K.: As a songwriter or better a “serial songwriter” like I usually refer to myself, I would spend my time exclusively writing down songs, but over the time I have learned to give to each project some air, and focused on promoting it once it’s completed because that is just as much important as the creative part.

J.: Is there anything, in particular, you worked on to promote this project?

K.: Yes, absolutely. Considering the way nowadays people are consuming music is through videos and streaming, and while with streaming you just kinda push your work out there, but when it comes to videos is different, it’s a tough artistic challenge, since e-ve-ry-thi-ng has been already done, it is very hard to do something original or different. One of the things that came out with this project, about a song DJ has also worked on, whose title is “Broken Heart”, the related video was shot two days after the last devasting hurricane hit Florida, because we were there, so we had all this incredible footage of the devastation that happened, which was so appropriate for the song, even though it’s not what the song is about originally, which was a friend of mine with a broken heart beacause of a loss he suffered, but for all the people who lost what they had, their heart is broken, so that it came out and it worked out just great. Not that you wish of hurricanes, put that was the opportunity to display what people go through in that kind of situation.

Another way I tried to be original has been through animation, to do something different, and DJ doesn’t know yet, but he is going to pop up at some point in animated form. So it’s gonna be fun.

J.: That’s awesome. Any chance we are going to see animated versions of the works from your other great passions, books for children?

K.: Thank you for asking, Joseph. Actually yes, there is a cine-animated version of two of my books, part of the cycle “Seaper Powers”. What happened was that I went to this school to read my books a nd I brought my puppets, because I do a puppet show, and more than 300 children showed up. So I was afraid that those in the back couldn’t see anything, and so I videotaped the muppet show. So now these video are available out there.

J.: Guys, thank you so much for your time and keep us posted about your future projects.

Interview by Joseph Ralph Fraia for Livein Magazine – All rights reserved

Photos provided by EMPKT PR

Many thanks to Beatrice Kimmel and EMPKT PR

Kim Cameron and DJ Halo on stage

Kim Cameron and DJ Halo

Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron

Greatest Hits Album cover

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