By Olivia Humer


In the tumultuous year we have all been experiencing, it can be hard to think about all of the issues we are facing. Between your family’s health, keeping your job, and the state of our country among other difficulties, it can be overwhelming. But, a reminder that you have a say in what happens is your right to vote. Expressing your views and opinions by exercising your right to vote is something we should be proud of. This year especially, we have seen the passion and motivation in our country through countless protests. Speaking out through a protest has motivated the rest of the country to also act on their beliefs and make their voices heard through voting. Seeing the amount of voter turnout already through early and mail-in voting is encouraging to know that our voices will be heard. So, take some time to research your local, state, and federal politicians and exercise your right to vote! Make your voice heard and help make decisions for a better future of our country and your family. 

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