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As we are all searching for a sense of normalcy during this pandemic, beaches are a great way to still experience summer in a safe and socially distanced way. Our plans this summer may be different than intended, but we can all work together to find safe ways to enjoy the sunny season. Brazil’s beaches are only partially opened for exercise or drinks along the kiosks, but the views are enough of an experience themselves. Whether it is enjoying gorgeous views of the beach, or swimming in the ocean, these both provide a safe and distanced way to soak in the summer. As it seems isolating to be experiencing a pandemic, most likely quarantined in your home, it is also an opportunity to connect with your community. Sharing the same experiences with most of the world allows an opportunity to empathize with one another and work towards a safe future. 

The beaches listed below are all breathtaking and range in popularity. As we are approaching the summer months in Brazil there is now a time to enjoy the natural beauty outdoors and regain a sense of normalcy. Through outdoor dining, exercising in the open, or enjoying the beaches, you can experience COVID-altered summer plans. It is a great time to focus on exploring your local communities and supporting one another. There are positive aspects that we can focus on, some being that we can enjoy  beautiful scenery and different welcoming cultures.

How do they say in Brazil? ‘Fique à vontade’. Make yourself at home.


Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Baia do Sancho, Brazil

Some of the hottest summer trends are being shown below by PatBO, a Brazilian native designer. Cutout silhouettes, bold patterns, and bright colors are all trends that are true to the vibrant Brazilian culture, as well as the international fashion scene. These trends keep comfort the main priority, while still giving a put together modern look. Fringe and mesh are seen here as well and shake up the past trends we have seen. The bold patterns also express different emotions and energy than the past minimalist and neutral look. Florals, polka dot, cheetah, and more are all seen this summer giving a bold and vibrant look.

The current state of emotions that we are all experiencing is shown through these trends. I think the bold colors, patterns, and silhouettes show the built-up energy that we have to experience summer, the beautiful weather, and socialization. Spending an extended period of time in quarantine has shown us the magnitude of the situation we are in with COVID-19.  Now, we are all working together to find safe and responsible ways to move our lives and communities forward. I think that the vibrant trends shown by PatBO show the energy and spirit of people around the world– trying to move forward. 

PatBO, Brazilian native designer




Beaches in Italy are gradually reopening and guidelines vary on location. After all that Italy has endured during the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor activities are a great escape. Enjoying summer in a safe, socially distanced way is altered from our past plans, but a great way to enjoy the summer weather. Some of our favorite Italian beaches are shown below. 

Along Cinque Terre– Monterosso Al Mare, Italy

Favignana, Egadi Islands, Sicily



Italian native designers show many similar designs like those in Brazil. Cutout silhouettes, bright colors, and summer favorites like bucket hats. 




Some of the most popular trends we have seen this summer are shown below. A lot of these trends are reborn in a different way than the way we have seen them before. Most trends draw inspiration from the 90s styles and have been redesigned in a new, modern way. The silk scarf top we have seen in different ways before, but styled this summer wrapped and knotted, is a carefree and simple look. The asymmetrical and cutout silhouettes provide a modern and edgy style that gives a different look than some of the older trends we are seeing. The crochet trend along with the 90s shoulder bags have also been reimagined. Crochet typically being your grandma’s favorite activity, is now seen in chic dresses, shirts, and skirts. It gives a carefree summer look, along with the small shoulder bags that have been seen in all patterns and colors. Similar to PatBO’s designs, the tie-dye trend draws from vibrant and energetic design and is a timeless trend we are seeing once again. This provides a youthful and bright look in many different pieces. Lastly, square-toed sandals and bucket hats also drawing again from 90s styles but imaged in a new way.
Isn’t what we all wanted? The ‘90s back?

Silk scarf top

Asymmetrical and cut-outs


Small shoulder bags

Tie-Dye & sets

Bucket Hats

Square toe sandals 

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