Assonautica Italiana Euromediterranea lands in the U.S. loaded with enthusiasm. 

Joseph Ralph Fraia, lawyer and expert in mediation, project management and business development with extensive experience in transatlantic relationship between the U.S. and the E.U., and long-time passionate of maritime world and sailing activities, has been appointed by Alfredo Malcarne, the President of Assonautica Italiana Euromediterranea, as Consul in New York of the U.S. chapter of the organization. 

Assonautica Italiana Euromediterranea is among the most prestigious boating/sailing association in Europe and Italy, as a result of a recent reorganization and development led by the current President Alfredo Malcarne that has shifted the role of the organization and has imposed it as an absolute protagonist in the European and Mediterranean scene. 

The appointment of Mr. Fraia is part of the new commitment of the organization to further expand, extend and strengthen the ties and relations with American partners and interlocutors, a process started last year by Piero Orlando, Ambassador of Assonautica, during his visit in New York City and culminated this year with the official and formal designation of a permanent Consul in the person of Mr. Fraia. 

The U.S. chapter of Assonautica Italiana Euromediterranea has been established as “Italian Sailing Association in the U.S.,” and the office has been set in New York: the mission of the American branch is to present and promote the initiatives and activities of the organization in America and, to build and empower connection between the American and the European/Italian nautical organizations, companies, entrepreneurs with the purpose of increasing and developing business and social opportunities for the maritime industry and community. 

Exciting news for all the fans and enthusiasts who love to live and enjoy life on the water. 

For more information contact Joseph Ralph Fraia +1 917-930-1494  

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