This year’s New York Fashion Week came with many new experiences. Virtual runways, outdoor events, and pre-recorded debuts all changed the experience of NYFW 2020. Even with all of the changes this year, we were still able to interpret the creative events that designers released. The excitement and anticipation of Fashion Week were different because of the necessary safety measures, but the experience was still a center for creative inspiration and, most importantly, the New York experience hasn’t lost its trademark feature: the kaleidoscopic variety of styles and contaminations. It was really fun to go back ‘hunting’ for my favorite designers and outfits, and that is how I found Vestiphobia, a fashion project by diehard Newyorker Willard Morgan, actor, producer, and artist who believes fashion can be a powerful tool of communication.

During a special event produced by Livein Magazine and Find Your ID NYC for, Vestiphobia has showcased a fusion of street art and fashion in their NYFW collection. This with a fresh and unique look in which what you wear is your personal statement. Through your clothing choices, you can express yourself and send out your message creatively, politically, or in any other aspect. Fashion in New York is urban and about individual expression. New York fashion takes inspiration from the streets and the meltin’ pot of people who inhabit them, the hustle of the urban environment as well as from all of the art, music, and styles that can be found in almost every corner of the City. That is why what happens in the streets of New York impacts fashion, and Vestiphobia exalts that relationship and brings it to life. Their collection is colorful, bold, and original, and makes your choice to wear it a walking testimonial of the Spirit of New York.

I know I made my choice. And you? 

Article by Olivia Humer

Photos and editing by Joseph Fraia @jrfstudio –


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