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With bars, restaurants, and every other type of social gathering being canceled and shut down this year, people turned the outdoors for a sense of comfort and freedom. You can only be cooped up in your apartment or house for so long before you start to lose your sanity.

After half a year of people working from home and trying not to lose their minds, people are finding the hidden gems of their towns and exploring them as a way to keep themselves entertained and active.

Living in Indiana my whole life, I thought the only thing it could provide me was cornfields and late-night adventures to the closest supermarket.

I was surprised when I moved to southern Indiana and found that Indiana is quite beautiful.

There are still plenty of cornfields but there are hidden spots everywhere. Indiana continues to surprise me with its beauty. A popular destination for people in southern Indiana is the Hickory Ridge Fire Tower.

It is 110 feet tall and it gives a perfect view of the forest that seems to continue on forever. When fall comes around and the trees are all different colors, it is one of the incredible views to behold.

One of the best-hidden gems of Indiana is Turkey Run State Park. Located near the Indiana/Illinois border, this has many different trails to choose from. Many people do not realize that glaciers shaped quite a bit of the midwest and this is put on display at Turkey Run.

The canyons were carved out millions of years ago by the deteriorating glaciers and it makes you feel like you have traveled to a completely different part of the United States.

Indiana is known for its corn and being almost completely flat. These trails provide for a stunning and surprising hike with beautiful views at every turn for those who think the only thing Indiana has to offer is corn and more corn.

It is a perfect place that transports you away from the craziness of the world and provides you with a relaxing atmosphere which is needed by many people right now.

– Edited by Joseph Fraia @jrfstudio


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