Caterina Han, originally from Beijing and a New Yorker for almost a decade, has decided to be silent no more and step up to have her voice finally heard about women current situation and perspective in contemporary China and America.

Caterina’s self-consciousness and entitlement journey started way before the topic of women empowerment become trendy and mainstream because of the #metoo movement and the Crazy Rich Asians phenomenon and originated from Caterina’s acknowledgment of Western women esthetic, so often driven to empower confidence and beauty and to boost sensuality and power. Despite the large diversity and “melting pot” existing in America, and in particular in New York City, Caterina points out the total lack of this presence or such a portray about Asian women, especially of mature age.

Hence the question arises spontaneously: why we don’t see any Asian/Chinese mature woman as an influential figure on TV shows, films, billboards, commercials, and print magazines? What makes them excluded in US mainstream rhetoric, in the city which embrace diversity?

Caterina has decided to address these issues, to be vocal about them and to live by example to inspire other people to embrace her endeavor and make a change: she is going to present her project next November the 30th, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm at ‘The 1905 Lounge’ at HGU Hotel New York, 34 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016.

For more info you can contact or call 917-930-1494


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