I had the privilege to enjoy the ‘DOU.K Studio’ experience myself when Marie, founder and creative
director of the French New York-based firm, went over taking my measures to make my very special and unique DOU.K customized and personalized button-shirt.
And I have to say personalized because that is really what this experience is about: while gently and almost imperceptibly Marie notes inches on her book, she asks various questions about your tastes,preferences, experiences, and wishes all in the most natural and spontaneous way.
And before you realize it, the measurement is over and you are sitting looking up at the dozens of options you have to express yourself and your character choosing the style of your collar, cuffs, buttons, and embroidered initials: all of a sudden you realize the pleasure of the privilege of wearing something that is meant to fit exclusively you, and that allows you to express your personality. It feels good, empowering and refreshing.
Marie’s knowledge of the styles, materials and combinations is impressive, and her sensitivity and caring nature put you at ease and make you feel very comfortable: you almost forget the shopping side of the experience and you find yourself talking about your emotions and how you would like to look to express your character, what would you like people to think about you when they see you in an elegant and prestigious outfit that vaporizer your appearance.
And because DOU.K is presenting its collection of measure-made button-shirt for women, boldly
innovating this segment of the fashion industry, I can’t wait to bring my wife to Marie’s studio.
DOU.K Studio, a bespoke experience for timeless elegance. Hardly another liner could have been more appropriate.
For info, details and appointments email to details@doukstudio.com.

Article and pictures by Joseph Ralph Fraia



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