By Olivia Humer

The upcoming transition into the colder and cozier time of autumn is something to be excited about this year. With everyone’s world turned upside down in 2020, some fun outdoor activities in fall spirit are something we can all enjoy. The beautiful change in foliage offers amazing scenery for outdoor hikes and Halloween activities. Haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin, and apple picking are all engaging outdoor activities to enjoy the fall foliage. In the city, or in a suburb the fall foliage can be enjoyed anywhere. A beautiful fall drive through more remote areas is another way to take in all the season has to offer. Whether you are an adult or a kid, the fall season is enjoyable for just about everyone!

The infamous pumpkin spice latte is another great perk of the fall season. Whether it’s from your local coffee shop, Starbucks, or made at home the pumpkin flavors can make us all reminisce on cozy fall days. The nostalgia around the holiday season makes everything that much cozier and enjoyable when filled with good memories. Enjoying fall activities in a cute and cozy fall outfit is all the more fun! With thick sweaters, hats, etc. the changing season becomes enjoyable outside when you don’t need that down feather coat just yet!



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