“Creating a better lifestyle industry…but still being chic.”

(New York, NY)
Livein and EMPK PR team up to promote the new way fashion can bring a change for good in saving the planet from excessive consumption and waste.

“Sustainability” is top of mind in most industries, particularly in fashion. According to Achim Berg, a global leader of consulting firm McKinsey’s apparel, fashion, and luxury group, “Sustainability…is increasingly becoming seen by C.E.O.s as a ‘must’ in doing business.” With this in mind, Miami-based media production company Planet Fashion T.V. is proud to present Sustainable New York Fashion Week, a boutique luxury exhibition that gives a glimpse of a completely sustainable world, featuring sustainable-only technology, travel, lifestyle, food, and fashion. The show took place during New York Fashion Week, on Saturday, February 8, 2020, at the popular N.Y.C. Chelsea Piers – Pier Sixty on 11th Avenue between W. 19th and 20th Sts., from 1:00 – 8:00 pm.

Pop-shops and Speakers
Attendees explored and engaged with onsite activations of best-in-class technology that re-define Sustainability, as well as pop-shops with the best sustainable products and apparel. Panel discussions with leaders in sustainability and tech began at 1 pm, including a keynote from the United Nations Sustainable Development Specialist Francesca Zoppi.

Live Music Performers
There were also be two live music performances among the day’s events by artists from Italy who are both now based in N.Y.C.: Edo Ferragamo and Kendra Black.
Edo Ferragamo is the grandson of the pioneering fashion designer, Salvatore Ferragamo. His music is pop with rock and hip hop influences. His latest single “Pouring Rain” blends pop, rock, and electro and features American rapper, Sammy Adams.
Kendra Black is an electro-pop/dance artist who is a classically trained ballerina. She turned to music a few years ago when she moved to N.Y.C. Her most popular single “Rude” features the legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg.

Sustainable Designers
The exhibition highlighted 8 trailblazing fashion designers whose missions are to conserve the earth’s resources by using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and/or use sustainable processes in creating their fashion wear and accessories. The exhibition also included the following designers from around the world:

  • Brazilian designer Silvia Vassão who creates luxury women’s couture hand-woven with hand-spun silk from Brazilian silkworms;
  • New Yorker sustainable designer and teacher Bridgett Artise  gives vintage garments that have lost their luster another chance at being fashionable, recycling fabrics and textiles into timeless pieces;
  • New Zealand-born designer Debra Lee Cheyne who deconstructs and redesigns vintage and discarded apparel and fabrics to create chic women’s fashion wear;
  • Australian jewelry designer Angela Clarke, who creates sustainable and ethical jewelry pieces made of beads, stones, and Swarovski crystals;
  • Pennsylvanian designer Nick Unis who founded UnisBrand and developed a machine to make plastic bottles into a fabric that he then crafts in to hip sneakers;
  • Australian brand Bamboozld who manufacture socks and undergarments out of sustainable bamboo material,
  • German shoe brand Wildling Shoes that protect healthy feet from injury or the environment but also help protect the environment by using environmentally-friendly materials and resource-saving production techniques, and
  • KINDOM is a sustainable and ethical apparel and accessories brand based in Los Angeles.

Planet Fashion T.V. Executive Producer and Host Celia Evans said about the exhibition, “We are trying to share actionable steps for a better lifestyle industry, but still be chic.”

Delicious refreshments were offered throughout the day-long event, brought by the following brands:

Rebirth  Elixirs creates vegan, organic Egyptian Rose Water with gold particles. The drink is made from rose petals that contain antioxidants like flavonoids, terpenes, and anthocyanins that have beneficial effects on health and combat free radicals with their unique anti-aging properties that help to reduce wrinkles and tighten pores. The waters come in biodegradable bottles.

Juneshine creates hard Kombucha uniquely brewed with honey and green tea flavored with organic, real ingredients. Jun Kombucha has a smoother taste than traditional Kombucha with similar health benefits.

Tower Beverages, based right in N.Y.C., have a social mission to support families of fallen heroes, including first responders at 9/11 and military veterans. Their Sparkling Waters & Craft Sodas come in six refreshing fruit flavors, including blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, orange, and pear.

Shinju Whisky, (Shinju means “Pearl”), is distilled on the southeastern flank of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture, which makes the sacred mountain its sole water source. Their “White Pearl” whiskey is a proprietary blend of this pristine alpine water source and four distinct whiskey expressions. All carefully crafted by our Master Distiller, each of which has been aged 2-4 years in new and mature white oak barrels to give Shinju its vibrant caramel color and distinct flavor profile.

And three delicious wine brands…
Lamborghini Wine – originally created by Ferruccio Lamborghini, maker of the famous sports cars. The wines are made by the Lamborghini estate, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, Cortona, and the Chiana valley in Italy.

Babe Wine – the official wine of the N.F.L.; Supermodel EMILY RATAJKOWSKI endorses the brand as “Chief of Taste.”

Cooper Mountain Vineyards Wine – a 40-year-old family winery based in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
Saturday, February 8, 2020
1:00 – 8:00 PM
Pier Sixty – Current Room
Chelsea Piers
11th Ave. Between W. 19th and 20th Sts.
New York, NY 10011


Meet the keynote speaker…
Francesca Zoppi
Sustainable Development Specialist for the UN

Francesca Zoppi is a dedicated Sustainable Development Specialist with +10 years of experience in the public and private sector, including the United Nations, International Organizations, Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, and at the field level in the India Sub-Continent, China, Africa and Latin America working with women, children and indigenous people. Specialized in Sustainable Development, Project management, Partnership, and Business consulting, she is a multilingual and enthusiastic team player, possessing strong conflict management and cultural sensitivity skills. She received a Master’s in International Diplomacy – International Liaison and Communication at the Diplomatic Academy of London- Westminster University, together with different professional certifications from SOAS University of London and Columbia University. She serves on the board of advisors of AWorld-There is no Planet B, along with Tommy Hilfiger and Richard Cohen, and collaborate with different magazines and companies at the international level with a focus on Europe and U.S.A.  She is inspired by driving effective changes to deliver tangible impacts making the world a better place for all.

Meet the designers…
Silvia Vassão
Leafy Natural Couture

Fashion designer Silvia Vassão left her native Brazil as a free-spirited 18-year-old and set out exploring and globetrotting, hungry to experience a cornucopia of cultures far and wide. It was during her travels that she forged her love of nature, human diversity, and discovered a passion for ancient, faraway cultures. It was Silvia’s nomadic style, an amalgam of Talitha Getty and young Bianca Jagger, culled from her many travels, which became the blueprint for the Leafy girl. The concept for her sustainably sourced fashion house sprang forth as she traversed through Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Japan and fell in love with silk. After this first encounter, she set up to study and collect different kinds of silk, searching for the “perfect” one. Little she knew that this quest would take her back exactly where she started: the South of Brazil. It was there she discovered the Brazilian “Silk Valley” and set up Leafy’s production base.



Nick Unis
Unis Brands

Unis Brands is a premier footwear brand aimed at producing environmentally conscious shoes while maintaining a fresh and innovative style through customizable production processes. Nicholas Unis, the founder, originally discovered his interest in footwear while working part-time in retail and studying at Penn State. He noticed the public’s unfulfilled need of customizability in footwear, and began small businesses that deconstructed and reconfigured sneakers from leading footwear businesses, and eventually found himself collaborating with rapper Riff Raff, selling the one-of-a-kind shoes for $1 million. From here, Nicholas decided to take his innovation and creation even further by producing a 3-D printer, which allowed him to reuse disregarding plastics to create fabrics and rubbers perfect for unique, yet stylish footwear.



Bridgett Artise
Born Again Vintage

Bridgett Artise, the designer of the label “Born Again Vintage,” is a sustainable fashion expert featured in the New York Times, and published author of Born Again Vintage: 25 ways to deconstruct, reinvent and recycle your wardrobe.  A cutting edge fashion designer, she’s a professor of Fashion and Sustainability at the Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y.C. and has summer residencies teaching Sustainable fashion in Paris. Her collection will show a reinvention and reuse of recycled fabrics and textiles.


From its first buyer, the prominent L.A. boutique Fred Segal, to major retail partners such as Arden B who carried organic cotton styles, the essence of KINDOM as a sustainable brand remains the same as its predecessor: To be better stewards of the environment, and to achieve balance between humans and nature, because we are connected. We Are KIN.


Debra Lee Cheyne
Butterscotch Castle
Butterscotch Castle is an Australian sustainable brand dedicated to sustainability through up-cycling apparel practices. Founded by New Zealand-born designer Debra Lee Cheyne, the brand has been a real passion of Cheyne’s, who originally started designing at just ten years old. Following a 15-year career of naturopathic and holistic medicine in the United Kingdom, Cheyne relocated to Australia and rekindled her love for designing through sourcing, deconstructing, and redesigning vintage and or disregarded apparel and fabrics of Australian markets to create chic and delicate, yet smart and fashionable garments for the sustainable women of today.
Angela Clarke
Angela Clarke Jewelry

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Angela Clark has cultivated an expansive collection of unique statement jewelry pieces. Each a one-of-a-kind, her handcrafted pieces are orchestrated of a balance of contemporary and vintage, with a combination of beads, stones, and Swarovski crystals. These sustainable and ethical pieces offer the perfect glamour and uniqueness for any bold and empowered woman ready to make the ultimate fashion statement.





Bamboozld is an undergarments brand that takes sustainability in stride, producing a collection of underwear and socks out of a single “miracle” source: bamboo. Bamboozld provides a wide range of styles, from simple and minimalistic to fun and eye-catching, all made of the breathable, comfortable, and readily renewable resource of bamboo makes Bamboozld the perfect everyday collection. Bamboozld also participates in environmentally conscious business practices, from pre-conception to delivery packaging. Bamboozld will be making their runway debut at Sustainable NYFW.


Wildling Shoes
Wildling shoes are shoes rethought. They bring children and adults closer to the original way of walking barefoot and, in doing so, also bring people and their environment back together. The minimal sole with its maximum flexibility makes it possible to feel the ground; moving becomes an experience. The materials protect the foot without constricting it; it can grow freely and develop its full strength. People and their health are the focus; the connection with nature is also reflected on the production side: with environmentally-friendly materials and resource-saving production techniques, we reconcile consumption with sustainability.
Planet Fashion T.V. is a half-hour syndicated series in H.D. and 4K produced by Sea Star Films production company based out of Miami, Florida. Coverage includes fast segmented stories on art, architecture, luxury products, automotive, cutting edge eco products, interior design, music fashion and cultural trends in different cities around the world. This is a-travel -meets-style show.
Celia Evans is the host and executive producer of Planet Fashion T.V. She has produced music, television, film and internet media. Celia has served on the Film and Entertainment Advisory Board for Miami Dade County. She has produced and directed commercials for Lamborghini, Kenworth Trucks, Leading Hotels Of The World, and Lifestyle T.V. content for International Television Networks, including YR Asia (Singapore), Living U.K., Polsat (Poland), R.T.E., ESO TV (Hungary), ABSCBN, Style (U.S.A.) Comcast International, Lifestyle Network, Beach Channel, Fine Living (U.S.A.) Fit T.V. (U.S.A.). She has produced film and media in English, Spanish and Japanese. Her vision for Planet Fashion T.V. is for it to be a portal for global trends and to showcase beauty, diversity, and creativity in a light-hearted all-inclusive way.

For press inquiries:  Beatrice Kimmel | EMPKT PR | beatrice@empktpr.com


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PH: Joseph Fraia @jrfstudio

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