The year 2020 is proving to be the most challenging one in generations, arguably. For most of us, this is the first time we are asked to face an event of a global scale on which we have no or minimal incidence, and many of us are forced to review, and even question, the important decisions we have made in the past. But that is only part of the journey we are experiencing because we also need to look at the future, a future still unclear and uncertain; nevertheless, we have an obligation towards ourselves not to give up and figure out what to do.

Especially in times like these, it is important to turn our attention to people who can show us – with their example – how we can turn this forced introspection into positive thinking and constructive action. We are proud to be able to present you one these stories.

The protagonist is Long Island-based Artist Steven Calapai. Steven is a creative entrepreneur who, from a successful career in Hollywood representing top tiers celebrities, later applied his skills and valuable network of contacts in the professional event organization industry and – when he decided to come back to New York – in the Commercial Real Estate Business.

As for many other entrepreneurs, the beginning of the pandemic last March heavily impacted Steven’s businesses, imposing an unpredicted but inevitable stop and the tearing dilemma of what to do in the upcoming months.

But that was the time when something new and different sparkled in Steven: instead of losing heart because of the hurdle, he embraced a new self and tunneled his creativity and energy towards the arts. He bought canvases, brushes, and colors and started painting, putting his imagination, passion, and fantasy in his works.

The results have been astounding ever since. Steven almost immediately received recognition and admiration among the very well educated and selective community of art connoisseurs and collectors of Long Island and New York, who started buying his creations and, doing so, generating a remarkable buzz in the local as well as the national art scene.

Today Steven is a full-time artist, and his creativity is in a full-steam mode, receiving attention and requests from a fast-growing base of admirers, and not even the news in early November that he contracted COVID-19 has stopped him.

He is a COVID survivor who also does not forget the troubles of the pandemic’s challenges; that is why he always donates part of his proceedings to charity. The last important occasion was the fund-raiser organized by “Mandate For Humanity,” a live virtual concert charity event that featured appearances by Ozzie Osborne, Jane Lynch, Cedric the Entertainer, Henry Rollin’s, Julian Lennon, and many others. The painting was inspired by an encounter Steven had with David Bowie backstage and is expected to bring in more than $20,000.

You can visit Steven’s online gallery of works at his website and follow his inspiring story on his social media.

Article by Joseph Ralph Fraia IG @jrfstudio –

Images courtesy of Steven Calapai


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