Livein is the proud Media Partner of ‘Italia I Love You’’s summer event ‘Spritz of Italy’.
A celebration of Fine Design and Made in Italy, Fabulous wedding and vacation destinations, Art and delicious delicacies & refreshments.
By invitation only.

Spritz of Italy is an appointment with Genuinely Made Food & Wine, Travel, unique Ideas, special Italian Experiences and much more.

Proud sponsors of the event are:

Arosio Milano, the wall sculptures maker (

The Italian Proposal, the Portal for your Ultimate Italian Experience (

Alisi Gioielli di Firenze, the Art of jewelry from the master craftsmen of Tuscany (

If you love Italy,  her elegance and flair, and you want to experience the very best of Italian Beauty & Style in New York City, you will find it here!
Organized by:

Get carried away to Italy, be immersed in the Italian beauty and let yourself savor the best of Italy.



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