Shop Local Designers ( is a special collaboration by Find Your ID NYC & Livein Magazine to support local business via an interactive online hub. In response to the crippling effect of COVID-19 on local brands, New York City-based creatives Imani Jones and Joseph Ralph Fraia, respectively Founder and CEO of Find Your ID NYC and Chief Editor of Livein Media, launched this initiative to help designers adjust to the new normal.
The platform, online since August 1st, 2020, will allow users to search designer trends by city, providing a unique opportunity to explore new cultures, support local designers from around the world, and to highlight global talents.
The company aims to highlight the top designers and creatives in every major fashion capital. Through engaging videos, visually stunning content, multi-media coverage, influencers, events and pop up stores, aims to highlight the trendiest small businesses and local shops with innovative approaches to fashion, design, beauty, and wellness.
Consumers have a chance to make an impact, supporting creatives who run responsible, sustainable, and community-immersed businesses.
After years of experience working with brands, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the most dynamic cities in the world – such as New York, Milan, Paris, and Johannesburg – Imani and Joseph have decided to take action and embody the change they wanted to see in the fashion industry.
That’s why the platform wants to provide local businesses with the essential tools to compete and grow in the digital market.
One of the biggest challenges for many designers and creatives is the creation of professional visual content and the promotion of their brand effectively and affordably. has tackled those needs and built a service that answers those questions, creating and promoting the visual content local shops and businesses need to win the competition and grow their brand, while also providing a marketplace where they can showcase and sell their products directly to customers.
And, starting from July 1st, 2020, also offers a physical store in Downtown Manhattan, two blocks away from the World Trade Center, where brands can display and sell their products and join the dynamic promotional campaigns of the platform.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out and discover the most talented designers from neighborhoods around the world!
Article and image by Joseph Ralph Fraia @jrfstudio

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