Coast Guard Art Collection Exhibition
Upper Gallery, June 30, 2020 – August 07, 2020
Gallery Hours:
Tues-Fri, 1-6 PM | Sat-Sun, 1-5 PM
Closed Mondays
The Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) makes use of fine art to educate diverse audiences about the Coast Guard.
Art from the artists of the U.S. Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) will be on view at the Salmagundi Club from June 29 through August 7, 2020.  These works vividly bring to life the myriad missions performed by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Subjects, to name but a few, include dramatic search and rescues, environmental protection, and drug interdiction operations.
Today, more than ever, the service addresses an abundance of challenges as it works to maintain the nation’s security at home and abroad and execute its 11 statutory missions such as search and rescue, defense readiness, and drug and illegal migrant interdiction.  COGAP art provides visual testimony to the unique contribution the service makes to the nation in its multifaceted roles as a military, humanitarian and law enforcement organization.
Art from the program is exhibited at museums around the country.  It is also displayed in offices of members of Congress, Cabinet secretaries, senior government officials, and other military services and Coast Guard locations nationwide.

Coast Guard artists—a talented cadre of professional artists—donate their work to the program.  Today, the collection comprises some 2,000 works showing the missions performed by the service’s force of 42,000 active duty members.

The Coast Guard Art Program has been sponsored by the Salmagundi Club since the program’s inception in 1981.

To learn more about COGAP, please visit:

Image pictured is the 2019 George Gray Award winner, “Guardians of the Puerto Rican Coast,” by Robert Selby.

Article edited by Joseph Ralph Fraia @jrfstudio

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