The Oscars night – February, 26th 2017

Amazing time at The 2nd annual Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Viewing Party held at the beautiful Hollywood Museum, founded by Donelle Dadigan. The people, the location, and the food were excellent and the entire atmosphere was perfect for the Oscars day. Actress Tippi Hedren received her Icon Award from her daughter Melanie Griffith, actor Kevin Sorbo received his from award-winning Paul Sorvino.

The evening was presented by the Suzan Hughes S.H.E. Foundation with Best Way Co. the Autism Changes Foundation and Shi Pi Lin – Sprin Jewelry. Charities that benefited from this year’s glamorous event included The Thalians, and Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Diva Foundation. The delicious dinner for the guests on the 4th floor of the museum was catered by L.A. Lobster Party with fine wine and champagne courtesy of Lorimar Wines. Dessert was presented by Chef Turuk of Mascarpone Cheesecake and each guest enjoyed miniature chocolate award statues covered in edible gold, courtesy of Chocolatier Glamour Bomboniere of Brazilian Sweets. Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Suite that I visited was a lot of fun. VIP guests received gift bags filled with couture and brands for $23,000. I was glad to be part of this beautiful day with our Magazine Live in Style and Cinderellaofnewyork Blog.

Thank you Roger Neal and all the staff!


Pamela Quinzi

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Pamela Quinzi and Jessica Ross

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Kevin Sorbo


Sam Sorbo


Katherine Kelly Lang


Mara Newoscar

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