Livein Magazine likes to explore new neighborhoods and areas, especially when the purpose is to promote new or young artists or to give visibility to independent projects.

In the preset case, luckily we were able to valorize both of them, thanks to SRO Gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn: its owners, Mr. Don Doe and Mrs Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, and the Curator of this exhibition Mr. D. Dominick Lombardi, boldly decided to host an exhibition – entitled “Photo-A-GoGo” – focused not on photographers or pictures, but on photography as a form of art and its peculiarities compared to the other genres.

The opening reception took place last October the 19th, and was extremely successful: an abundant crowd have filled up the place throughout the event, enjoying beers and pretzel (this is Brooklyn, for God’s sake) while interacting with some of the artists displayed and present at the reception (Liz Guarracino, Janus Kawa, Moses Hoskins, Roman Turovsky, along with Don Doe and D. Dominick Lombardi themselves). The display of work-of-arts will run until November the 11th (for more info please visit

We had the chance to interview D. Dominick Lombardi, the Curator of the exhibition, as mentioned above, and to go over a few interesting topics about contemporary photography and the amount rt market. You will find soon the full interview on Livein TV on YouTube (at the following link

Dominick told us that he started working on the concept of this exhibition more than a year ago, and it took several months to find and put together works that could fit in the purpose of the project, which wants to underline the peculiar features and technicalities of photography itself as a form of art, in particular the component represented by the main tool of a photographer, the camera, and the main factors able to influence the pictures, light and exposure. Each piece of the selection of works displayed in this exhibition embodies and presents an original and personal technique and perspective on a unique subject.

For example, Liz Guarracino’s work, entitled “Untitled” is a magnified detail of a piece of ice with a staged blue reflection that creates an imaginary and oneiric landscape. Roman Turovsky’s work offers an iconic view of contemporary Manhattan re-edited in a way that it looks like taken during the rough and rusty ‘20s. Moses Hoskins work is a piece of genius: the man, for years, has picked up and collected pieces of garbage from the street found on his way from home to his workplace, and he has made booklets of these pieces bind together in the order as he picked them. The result is a unique and fascinating journal of real life of the collective being we know as New York City.

These are only a few examples of the notable pieces of art displayed at SRO Gallery until November 11th. You must take the chance to visit it! See you in Brooklyn!

Article by Joseph Ralph Fraia

Dominick Lombardi – CCAC-21 2018

Untitled – Liz Guarracino 2018

Moses Hoskins – Untitled booklet – 1995

Jill Thayer Belief Systems: Reflexivity – 2018

Claire Seidl – Moon, Light, Swimmers – 2013

Janus Kawa – Time and Light VI – 2008

Jan Houllevigue – Untitled



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  1. Diane Lombardi

    Sounds great! Sadly missed the opening. Hoping to to see the exhibit & the soon to be featured full interview on Livein TV.



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