The Niagara Falls majestically stand in front of your eyes while you drop your jaw the first time you walk on Table Rock, the natural Stone platform that overhangs the Canadian bank of Niagara River, and you try to picture how much water actually falls every second over the cliff of that 177 feet (54 meters) gap.
Well, the number is an average of 845,350.5675 gallons (3.2 millions) per second, and that is not even the full potential rate of flow of the river, since almost 60% of the stream is redirected to the pipes that feed the two gigantic hydropower plants located on the respective side of the American and the Canadian banks of Niagara River: the amount of electricity they have the capacity to output is close to 4.9 million kilowatts. That’s enough to power 3.8 million homes. On the US side, plants have a capacity of roughly 2.7 million Kilowatts, while the Canadian side’s combined capacity is close to 2.2 million kilowatts. As a matter of fact, almost 75% of all the electricity consume New York City is generated by the American plant at The Falls, which explains how New York City can actually afford to run Times Square. The insane amount of lights of the boards and signs present in the most iconic location of the Big Apple it is made possible by the abundant quantity of cheap green energy generated Upstate.
While contemplating this spectacle of nature, you can’t help yourself about thinking what might have been gone through the mind of the first explorers who first came in this region and, while making their way through the thick vegetation and the hostile environment of this area, they happen to find and see such a unique wonder: it is surprising how silent and quite the site presents itself. You would expect to be able to hear the noise of the rumbling waters from miles away: as a matter of fact, you can only hear the roar of the river hitting the rocks at the bottom of the gap.
You can experience the same amusement and marvel by arranging a trip here: the Falls are open all year around! For info and inquiries about available tours, please submit your requests to or call 917-930-1494.

Article and photos by Joseph Ralph Fraia


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