Nenne Sanguineti Poggi, “A Retrospective”

Opening Reception: One Art Space Gallery, Thursday, March 21st, 2019 – 6-9 pm
Panel Discussion: With Curator Deborah Sanguineti, Friday, March 22th, 2019 – 6-8 pm

The exhibition will be on view from March 20 – March 25, 2019.

Nenne Sanguineti Poggi’s talents and tenacity throughout her lifetime (1909-2012) is more than sufficient to consider her as an important 20th-century artist. One Art Space Gallery and Curator, Deborah Sanguineti, aims to reintroduce Nenne by showcasing works spanning over 90 years, across 3 continents, on various mediums.

50 paintings, drawings and etchings by this acclaimed Italian artist will be on display at One Art Space in TriBeCa. They will offer a glimpse into 9 decades of works. In this retrospective, you will notice Nenne’s wide range of styles including Late Futurism, Figurative Post-Impressionism, and Early Abstraction. It allows the viewer to step into the shoes of Nenne as she develops and adapts her artistic expression to her environment and the ever-changing society.

Deborah-Sanguineti_Final-90Born in 1909 in Savona, Italy, into a family of cultural and intellectual achievements, Nenne Sanguineti Poggi became a painter, sculpture, mosaicist, writer, and journalist. At 14 she began her official training under the artist, Eso Peluzzi. She would interact with artists like Tullio Mazzotti, Lucio Fontana, Eugenio Montale, and Arturo Martini. She would also exhibit with The Ligurian Group of Savona until leaving for Africa in 1937.

During her 30 years in Eritrea, Africa, Nenne continued to paint and work on large public and monumental projects commissioned by then Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie, and alongside Italian architect, Arturo Mezzedimi. She was a special envoy for the U.N. She has authored an autobiography and contributed chapters to many books. She has also been the recipient of many distinguished awards both during her lifetime and posthumously, including the Medal of Representation in 2013 by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

One Art Space Gallery and Curator, Deborah Sanguineti invite you to experience this incredible piece of history. Each one of the works of art tells a story. Each one of the stories goes far beyond what can be seen. The works tell the story of a woman’s role in an ever-changing society. A story of a chaotic world adapting to disaster and turmoil. Above all else, a story of Nenne’s life. Come by to learn more about these stories told by Deborah Sanguineti. Deborah is the curator of this exhibition and also the granddaughter of Nenne. Deborah shares “It has been wonderful sharing my grandmother’s story with OAS, we’re excited to share this story with you through the exhibition!” There are works of art available for sale as well. It’s is a wonderful opportunity to take home a piece of history.

Special Thanks to El Barrio / NYIW / NOIAW / RAC / WOLFSONIAN | Graphics by Punto a capo comunicazione.

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