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Dear Friends,For more than 15 years, Friends of the Children NY has used an innovative model to change the lives of New York City’s highest-priority youth.

Today we are honored to announce that basketball legend Michael Jordan has made a multi-million dollar donation to the National Friends of the Children network. As the Executive Director of Friends of the Children – New York, I want to share my excitement for this amazing news from our national organization and what it means for children across our city.

Michael’s donation will have an enormous, generational impact in many ways on the work we are doing every day at Friends of the Children NY and opens new doors of opportunity for the Achievers we are dedicated to serving.

If you ask Michael what sowed the seeds of his success, he’s quick to give credit to his mentors, especially his father and his college coach, Dean Smith. So, when Jordan heard about Friends of the Children, a national nonprofit that pairs youth facing the highest risks with a salaried, professional mentor (a Friend) from kindergarten through graduation, he was sold.

“What stood out to me about Friends of the Children was that they employ and train their mentors and that they commit to every child for 12 1⁄2 years,” says Jordan. “That dedication is important to me. My mentors believed in me and taught me the power of perseverance. I want youth in Friends of the Children to see that they have that same potential.”

Together, we can truly make a generational difference in the Harlem and South Bronx area by continuing to support the children in our community who need us the most.

Read more about how Michael Jordan’s support affects FOTC NY.

Gary Clemons, Executive Director
Friends of the Children NY



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Picture provided by Friends of the Children


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