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“Dancing with a Bottle”
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Dutch-born artist Maya Lavelle releases her latest single “Dancing with a Bottle”. Lyrically, the single is about escaping from boredom, letting go of your inhibitions and being free. These themes are classic elements of Lavelle’s music. As a traveler, Lavelle commits herself to roaming free and exploring the lives of others. The instrumentation was also composed by Lavelle who uses cinematic and hypnotic melodies to create a phantasmagorical musical world. Lavelle also plans to release a music video for the single soon.
“Dancing with a Bottle” is one of the singles off Maya Lavelle’s first full-length album, Hobo, slated for release in June 2019. Lavelle wrote and produced the 11-track album which was inspired by her various travels and experiences. An overall process that took 5 years to conceptualize, the album follows the journey of quirky places and edgy characters who are found scattered throughout the tracks, with lyrics conveying various themes.
Recently, Lavelle presented the new “Dancing with a Bottle” music video at an exclusive New York City viewing party at Rockwood Music Hall on March 22nd. Be sure to check out Maya Lavelle’s new single“Dancing with a Bottle” and stay tuned for the release of her new music video!
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About Maya Lavelle
Maya Lavelle musical style evolved from her contemporary classical education to electronic cinematic pop. In March 2016, Lavelle released her debut single “This Ain’t The End” which was the feature film The Rift. The single was later discovered by fans of the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead, who felt that the lyrics fit a pivotal and highly anticipated moment in the series perfectly. From there Maya Lavelle has continued to write and compose her own music, creating a fantastical experience for her fans.
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