Last January 29 at the Beacon Theatre, Upper West Side New York, Mandoki and Soulmates performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd.
The international ensemble of rock/pop/jazz legends from various bands picked by German-Hungarian star Leslie Mandoki, delighted the audience with a concert that smartly presented some evergreen classic songs from legendary formation like Toto, Supertramp, Jethro Tull, Cream and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.
Mandoki’s charisma and passion are contagious, on and off the stage, as you see how the various members of the band take turns in jammin’ each other’s gigs and the audience singing along.
You can get a better idea about the protagonists of the night from the interviews that our Editor in Chief, Joseph Ralph Fraia, did with Leslie Mandoky, Cory Henry and Chris Thompson, respectively the leader/percussionist, the keyboardist and the lead singer of the International World music Band that gets inspiration from the melodies and legacy of Frank Zappa, Brian Eno and Paul Simon.

Leslie Mandoki:



Cory Henry:



Chris Thompson:


Triggered by the amazing performances on stage, the concert reaches its highest emotional notes when Mandoki goes back to his years in the D.D.R. (East Germany, ruled by the communist party and under the direct influence of Soviet Union) during the ‘80s, when America was only a distant dream and freedom a mirage, and he remembers being inspired and attracted by the States and its culture.
That is why the concert is titled “Wings of Freedom”, and promotes the non-profit foundation “Musicares”, which helps music people in times of need. For Mandoki playing for the first time in New York, surrounded by American legendary musicians, is just an overwhelming wave of emotions and gratitude.
The night goes on smoothly till the great finale, and the salute by all the extraordinary protagonist of this initiative.
Newyorkers welcomed Mandoki and his Soulmates, and it sounds like the beginning of a cool and lasting relationship!
Bravo! Mandoki.


Photos, video interviews and article by Joseph Ralph Fraia


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