On ‪February 6, 2020, on Accession Day‬ that marks the 68th anniversary of when Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen after her father King George VI passed

UK Royal Historian, Journalist, and Award-winning Author
Releasing historically-based children’s book
The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet, A Royal Day Out
Teaching Royal history to younger generations

It was a real pleasure to speak to Thomas. In this interview, we talked about the release of his book, the British Royals, Meghan and Harry, Social Media and Cancel Culture, the beauty of Italy and the importance of education for the younger generations.

Watch the interview here


Mace-Archer-Mills teamed up with a long-time friend and Italian children’s author, Stella Nosella, and illustrator, Valentina Vanasia, to create a way to introduce Royal history to today’s younger generations in a fun yet historically accurate way.
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