KOKI ARTS is pleased to present “Nostalgic Utopia”, a two-person show of paintings by Japanese artists Hiroya Kurata (based in Brooklyn) and Hiro Tsuchiya (based in Tokyo). Kurata explores the conception and emotion of nostalgia, and Tsuchiya’s paintings search for a boundary between the visible and the invisible.
Although one’s memory is something from the past and is typically considered a fact, it can also become fiction as memories can fade, change, and even be forgotten over time. Kurata’s colorful work is filled with emotion, which is strongly linked to memory, and the distorted figuration seems to blur the line between real and unreal. Tsuchiya’s world tackles the theme of death, and it is depicting scenes from the afterlife. It is a fact that all living forms die, but the idea of what happens after death has not been proven and differs according to belief. Tsuchiya’s monochromatic work does not portray the end of life as something negative; it is a process of imagining and understanding the unknown. What is the concept of time? This is a question relevant to both artists’ work, and if the past, present, and future can all exist simultaneously, perhaps there is a solution for everything.
Hiroya KURATA (b.1980) received his BFA (2003) from Parsons School of Design. Kurata has solo exhibitions coming up at Monya Rowe Gallery (May, 2019) and KOKI ARTS (August, 2019). Recent exhibitions include a two-person show organized by Ross + Kramer Gallery (2018), and group exhibitions at Hollis Taggart (2018), Blanc Gallery (2018), and Part 2 Gallery (2018). Kurata’s work has been exhibited in cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Sydney.
HIRO TSUCHIYA (b.1987) received his BFA (2014) and MFA (2016) from Tokyo Zokei University. Tsuchiya has had 2 solo exhibitions at KOKI ARTS (2015 & 2018). In 2018, his work was part of the exhibition “The Crossing”, featuring 6 international artists at Gallery EXIT during Art Basel week in Hong Kong. Other exhibitions include group exhibitions at Kodama Gallery (2014 & 2016) in Tokyo. Tsuchiya’s work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Kaohsiung.
Content provided by Koki Ishibashi
Edited by Joseph Ralph Fraia

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