Jules is the latest brand that has joined Livein for the Fashion Extravaganza Event taking place on September 10-11-12.

Let’s get to know better this fabulous brand and its creator.

The designer:

Juliane Perretti Randazzo is a graduate of Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After a career in beauty, which began at Susan Ciminelli Day Spa—formerly located at the penthouse at Bergdorf Goodman—Juliane segued into other industries including finance, insurance, and information technology. In 2013, she began creating elaborate, handmade hats to don at the annual Kentucky Derby party held at Watermark—a beachfront lounge in Asbury Park, NJ. Juliane was awarded top prize three of the four times that her designs were nominated. The overwhelmingly positive response she received after showing her outrageous hats inspired Juliane to launch Jules Handbags. Through this new venture, the designer enjoys a more practical approach to the whimsy of creating hats.
The vibrant Jules handbags collection is embellished with fun, colorful scenes inspired by Juliane’s favorite destinations and memories. The nostalgic images capture happy memories of her childhood hometown in Staten Island, New York, her current residence in the picturesque riverside town of Red Bank, NJ, and her international travels.
“My design inspiration comes from destinations I’ve visited, fond family memories, and anything I encounter that truly speaks to me—whether it be the beauty of nature or a romanticized perception of a familiar environment,” says Juliane Perretti Randazzo. The artist and designer, a graduate of Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology— also draws inspiration from her Italian heritage and the work of Italian designers Braccialini and Piero Guidi.

The Collection:

The collection includes the Puffin!, Molly, Lago, Rosa, Classic Empire, and Monty (to be released). Made by hand in England, the collection is available in napa leather, vegan leather, and satin. After creating the original design using mixed media, Perretti Randazzo works closely with a graphic artist who digitally refines the artwork. The designs are then printed, and the bags are assembled using superior quality materials that hail from Europe.

Items from the Jules collection are available in the Carry-All Tall (large tote), Carry-All Small (small tote), Sorellina (clutch/makeup bag), and crossbody bags, as well as keyrings, wallets for women and men, unisex belts, and card cases. Some styles are available in napa leather or vegan leather.

The prints:

The Puffin was created to honor those sweet birds and give them a home beyond Iceland and the North. Inspired by a visit to “The Land of Fire and Ice,” the design includes the Langjokull glacier, the Aurora Borealis dancing in the nighttime sky, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano that erupted in 2010, and the serene waters of the Blue Lagoon.

The Molly, which evokes a vibrant river scene dotted with seagulls, soft waves, and sailboats, represents the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, NJ. Inspired by a secret garden Juliane discovered as a child, Lago portrays a tranquil lake that sits in the shade of a canopy of budding trees.

The Rosa draws inspiration from Juliane’s grandmother, whose wardrobe of bright hues paralleled her colorful personality, and it means pink in Italian!
The Augusta was inspired by Juliane’s 2017 Kentucky Derby hat inspired by the horse Classic Empire. Augusta honors the Classic Empire of Rome. It features a Roman soldier, a chariot, the iconic Colosseum, columns, palm trees, a road paved in gold coins, and roses spilling over the top as a tribute to both the Kentucky Derby and the perfume and rose petals that rained on guests at Nero’s Golden Palace.
Monty is inspired by a day at the races. Complete with a bugle player, picnic benches, and a luxurious geranium lined grandstand, a vibrant audience observes the action below as the horse and jockey wearing pink silks takes the lead.

To shop the collection and learn more, please visit www.juleshandbags.com


Lago Carry-All

Lago Zippy

The designer: Juliane Perretti Randazzo

Molly Carry-All




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