Livein Magazine is proud to announce a new collaboration in the U.S., this time with the prestigious Ivan Bitton Style House, one of the hottest spot in Los Angeles when celebrities want to stand out on a red carpet or at an event among the countless the Hollywood Jet Set imposes on our beloved movie and TV stars. As the studio’s motto says”With one styling every 4 hours, We style more celebrities than any Organization in the world!”. No other words needed.

Recently the Style House has been on the news all over the World, for being the studio that styled Actress Blanca Blanco, the most photographed on the Red Carpet at The Oscars because of her dress breath-taking rip.

In this article we present the beautiful sexy Jen Morillo, a Latin American actress with Dominican Republic roots, currently starring in the famous TV Show – from network  BET  – dedicated to the legendary  band “NEW EDITION”, starring  YAZZ  THE GREATEST.  Jen’s curves are famous in the Hollywood scene (how can somebody possible not notice them!) and she is ready to take off on a big screen project. Looking at the pictures below Jen clearly has the confidence, the passion and the beauty to become the next Latino Sensation in the Star System. We wish her best of luck, but we are also sure that having Ivan Bitton Style House by her side, she will have a sensational boost.

Let’s hear from her what convinced her to start this carrier and what still drives her in the super-competitive world of Hollywood stars.  Jen Morillo Jen Morillo

TOP MADE BY – Marcell Von Berlin-@marcellvonberlin – EARRINGS MADE BY Sambac Jewelry-@sambacjewelry

HAT BY @ivanbittonstylehouse

Jen Morillo

NECKLESS MADE BY Adriactic Jewels-@adriaticjewels – SHORTS MADE BY Vitusevich-@vitusevich_official

Jen Morillo

COAT MADE BY Napvsugar-@napsvgar

BIKINI MADE BY Shan Swimwear-@shanswimwear

Jen Morillo Jen Morillo Jen Morillo

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned!

Actress Jen Morillo – Styled by Ivan Bitton Style House – Los Angeles, CA

Article: Joseph Ralph Fraia

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