By Olivia Humer

One of the perfect outdoor activities for the fall season: hiking. A great way to get outside and enjoy the fall foliage wherever you are! If you’re new to hiking like I am, you may be wondering what it is that you need to be fully prepared for a day of hiking. After researching for the perfect list of hiking necessities, I will share my findings with you!
The ultimate necessity for a long hike is a good pair of hiking boots. It is best to find a pair of boots that fit snug, not tight, and give you a little bit of room for thick socks in the colder temperatures. It is also important that the boots are waterproof and warm as well as comfortable.

The next item you need for a good hike is a hiking backpack filled with snacks and water! You don’t want to get caught on a longer trail than expected without some trail mix to fuel you to the end! It can depend on what type of hiking you are looking to do to find the best backpack, ranging from a small and compact backpack to a larger daypack. The last essential items to keep in mind are weather-appropriate clothing. You’ll want to make sure that your clothing is warm, waterproof, and durable so that your main focus is enjoying the beautiful scenery and not trying to find the fastest route home because you’re shivering! So, gather your gear and enjoy yourself outside at your nearest hiking trail!


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