In 2018, Fujifilm launched a global initiative to remind people of the joys of printing personal photos. To inspire them, Fujifilm asked people to send in digital photos for a chance to have them printed and displayed in New York City’s glorious Grand Central Terminal. Fujifilm Printlife Photo Exhibition is the result. Join Fujifilm for an experience that will thrill the eyes, and excite the senses with visual slices of life from across the land and beyond. Every photo is print-worthy, so come celebrate the art of the print, and get inspired to capture and keep all your memories in a very real and tangible way.


Event Date

Wednesday, 10/16: 5pm–8pm

Thursday, 10/17: 8am–8pm

Friday, 10/18: 8am–8pm

Saturday, 10/19: 10am–8pm

Sunday, 10/20: 10am–5pm

Event Location

Vanderbilt Hall
Grand Central Terminal
89 E 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Event link

Fujifilm Printlife Photo Exhibition 2019

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