Artist Painter Cinzia Bonfirraro’s journey continues and @liveinmagazine is proud to follow and support such a young and talented woman.
Next chance to admire and purchase her works will be at Conception Art Show – New York City May 9th | M1-5 Lounge | 52 Walker Street
This is what Cinzia wants you to know about her:
‘Born in Italy but adopted by the world, curious by nature, I love to travel, to get to know other cultures, tastes, smells, to look at places and people not only with the eyes, but with the soul. My art is my instinct, my way of life, my state of mind, my answer when I do not want to express myself in words. It’s simply me.’
If you want to support independent Art and talented Artists, please purchase a ticket at the following link:
For just $20 you get access to the event and the proceeding will directly support Cinzia.
Cinzia’s journey through life has not been easy at all so far: moving from Italy to the US by herself at a very young age, a girl willing to pursue her American dream at all costs who very soon had to face the harshness of a reality that in New York City does not spare anybody.
And this struggle took a heavy token on Cinzia: years of substances abuse were about to lead her to the edge of self-destruction when you are so deep down the tunnel that the light is not visible anymore.
Cinzia’s works densely and vividly show us how dark the aisles in our mind can be, how the upside-down in our life can project on us shadows hard to defeat and the border between sanity and insanity can be so thin that you forget it exists. But Cinzia also shows us that it’s never too late to get back in charge of our life, that to overcome an addiction is not only possible but it might be the monster you kill to become a champion. And life can be beautiful. Again.
Article by Joseph Ralph Fraia @jrfstudio

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