Women’s luxury bag

Within women’s luxury, this fall we are seeing a trend in strong, geometrical bags. Structured bags that look timeless and luxurious are being designed with bright colors and bold patterns. This adds flare to a classic look which seems to be the consensus of trends we are seeing this season. Typically smaller in size, the bags are also functional as well as fashionable. This bold structure adds a strong statement to your look– try pairing with a matching mask! 


Men’s bag

The classic messenger bag has been redesigned in a way that emphasizes utility, minimalism, and unisex style. Many of the messenger bags are dually a backpack, showing again it’s intent for functionality. The cargo style of pockets coincides with other fashion trends we are seeing this season as well. Pairing a utilitarian look with material like nylon offers a fresh look. The overlying theme of functionality and unisex styles are not going away anytime soon. 


Unisex active/sports bag

Sling bags are another example of a functional and unisex trend. These are seen in many different styles, sizes, and materials. They can range from a large leather bag to a small nylon fanny pack-esque look. The sling bags we are seeing this fall are a great bag for going to the gym, the park, or just walking around town. They are versatile and functional while being a modern look that elevates any outfit. 




Article by Olivia Humer

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