By Bailey Roulo

In the world of fashion today, many people are turning to more sustainable ways to create clothing. Thrifting is very popular among younger generations, and fast fashion is growing more unpopular by the moment. New styles and clothing are still being developed, but it is taking a turn into a more ethical way of fashion. Wool is at the forefront of this change in the industry. There are so many perks to wool apparel that make it sustainable and ethical. Unlike synthetic material and cotton, wool last a good while longer than other materials. It is also so much better for the environment. Using wool, designers are reducing waste that would come from using different materials that contain products that are not natural. The common misconception about wool is that it can be itchy. It depends on the yarn being used, but most apparel made from real and good wool will feel like a soft hug. One of the most popular and sustainable types of wool is merino wool. It gives room to breathe, making it the perfect kind of wool for all year round. It is also incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. Another perk of wool apparel is it doesn’t wrinkle. That is perfect for people who are always on the go and do not have the time to iron out clothing. Just toss on that wool sweater, and you are good to go for the day. Not only is wool clothing incredibly comfortable, but the idea of sustainable clothing and products is just another upside of this material. Wool has been given a bad rap for being itchy, as we said earlier, and hot, but the modern wool apparel has changed the game. Keep an eye out for wool to keep growing in popularity. What is better than comfortable clothing that will last longer and reduce waste, effectively helping the planet in the process?

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